Visiting a Reindeer Farm

A quick search of things to do in Fairbanks will turn up an intriguing option: visit a Reindeer farm.

Ever wondered what the barn at the North Pole looks like? Want to meet Dasher, Dancer and Prancer?

Well, it’s not quite like that (and funnily enough, isn’t located in North Pole, Alaska – a missed opportunity). So what is it like?


No, really – Jane and Doug run Running Reindeer Ranch from their home. What started as finding a suitable pet for their 12 year old daughter, Robin, resulted in a growing family of reindeer and a full fledged farm.

From their cute website, it felt like the tour would be an intimate, snowy walk in the woods with reindeer, just a handful of us. As an animal lover, I was excited to sign up and it was easy to do via email.

We were a bit surprised at how large the tour group ended up being when we arrived; and at how large their property is.

One thought on “Visiting a Reindeer Farm

  1. I am very glad that You have visited reindeer farms. In Finland, we have them here and there many. Winter is great fun for children and that is why we have in Oulu every winter village for families:

    Winter village.

    BTW, it is interesting to see what happens in two winter places in Alaska and in Finland.

    Happy weekend!


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